This blog is a bit of an experiment, to make room for ideas less groomed than a formal essay, but maybe more thoughtful (or longwinded) than what suits an Instagram post.

I’m likewise hoping to share photographs that don’t quite feel like a project, but are inching in that direction. These could include works-in-progress, outtakes, failed experiments, travelogues, or pictures of my cats. I’ll try to keep the cats to a minimum.

I might also point to other people’s work, either pictures or words, or bring up anything that feels relevant but doesn’t fit neatly on any of the site’s main pages.

For the blog I’m using a different kind of web photo gallery than the one on the main site. Galleries will appear in a separate tab or window, at least until I figure out a more slick solution.

Comments will be moderated with a heavy hand. Please jump in, but be spamless and be cool.

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