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Fair Use
I’m happy to see this site’s content used in educational materials, as long as it’s properly attributed, and as long as students are not charged beyond reproduction costs.

Derivative Works
If you’re an artist who wants to use one of my photographs as a component of a new work, please talk to me. I’m open-minded about this kind of thing and am interested in participating in projects outside my usual esthetic turf.

3rd Party Content
The Media page contains texts that I do not own. Rights to essays / articles belong to the respective authors or publications. I’ve reproduced the texts either by permission or under Fair Use; if you would like to use any of them, contact the publications. Rights to interviews belong jointly to me and the interviewers or publications. The law is less clear here; consider the answers to belong to me, with limited rights granted to the publication. Consider the published edit of the interview to belong to the interviewer or publication.

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