By the Way

Here’s a selection of pictures stumbled upon, mostly in Brooklyn, occasionally in Manhattan or Providence or Philly. I don’t fancy myself a street photographer, and so don’t go looking for these. But once in a while I’ll have a serious camera with me, and in a pinch there’s always the iPhone. As more of these images eventually accumulate, I’ll post more edits.

I think of these as a classic un-project; a group created in retrospect by way of the editing process, from pictures made purely for pleasure. If I were as cool as Stephen Shore (or anyone else) I’d put these on Instagram. But I’m not looking for yet another social media rabbit hole to go down—so I’ll keep them sequestered here, in the walled garden of my site. Feel free to shout at them at through the comments section, if you’re afraid they’re lonely.

Bushwick, Brooklyn from the JMZ platform.
Click for more from this series.

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