Paul Raphaelson portrait. ©Laura Henze

Paul Raphaelson is a Brooklyn, New York-based artist known for urban landscape photographs, usually made in liminal spaces between the residential and industrial, occupied and abandoned, domesticated and feral. He was the last photographer allowed access to Brooklyn’s historic Domino Sugar Refinery before its 2014 demolition; a book of this work was published in October, 2017. He has also photographed fragmented and disorienting views on the New York City Subway, and experimented with images and text (and text without images). His work has been exhibited and collected internationally.
















If God did anything, he invented a shapelessness rigged to get sick of itself immediately.
This sadness evolved into human beings

who pit their meticulous fingers against various centuries.

—Catie Rosemurgy
from “Miss Peach and the Problem of Human Beauty”