This work started when I was a student, grew over the years I lived in southern Colorado, and will likely continue to evolve whenever I have a chance to visit.

A question blows between these images like a tumbleweed: can anything worthwhile be added to the ever-growing pile of pictures of the southwest? The challenge used to be finding form in the vast chaos; now it’s avoiding the picturesque clichés we’ve been looking at all our lives. I try—with mixed success I suspect—to capture reactions that are immediate and personal, and also true, in some sense that’s larger than myself. While in the Southwest, my impressions are usually some mix of awe and disappointment, serenity and anger. Conflict seems inherent to the physical landscape as well as the emotional one; the region has long been a battleground for opposing ideologies and myths. The scars from these battles are evident almost everywhere.

I’d like to make some sense, without rhetoric, of the beautiful land between these scars and of some of the scars themselves.



Gelatin silver or carbon pigment ink, sizes up to 16×20 inches. Some images available at larger custom sizes.

Silver prints in editions of varying sizes up to ten. Ink prints in editions of twenty.

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