Abandoned, overgrown spaces lurk around every corner in Bushwick, Brooklyn. When I moved here in 2004, I missed the the grandeur of the factories and bridges from my old waterfront neighborhood. I walked past Bushwick’s lots for a year before finding any inspiration. I gradually learned to look closely, sometimes through chinks in fences or at the pavement under my feet. I’ve since been seduced by the surprises I find here, including cast-offs of local culture and the relentless thriving of flowers and weeds.

Paradise is the Persian word for a walled enclosure. As often as not, in the city the walls are cyclone fences crowned with razorwire. Whatever they lack in charm they make up by providing a framed view from the outside. I find solace in the spontaneous gardens behind the fences. And I’m inspired by all the wild things invading them, by the relief they bring from the city’s often antiseptic geometry and sheen.



Pigment ink prints, 11 x 11 inches on 100% cotton fiber art paper. Editions of 20.
Prints are $900, unmatted. Please write for availability.

Print purchases do not include reproduction rights. Please see the copyright notice.
I’m required to collect 8.875% sales tax on prints delivered to or picked up in NYC.



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